Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My First Podcast!

Kael, creator of the always-entertaining, and somewhat unconventional Unpublishednotdead.com, has graciously allowed me to invade his space and do an Unpublishednotdead Podcast!

I had a great time recording it, and got in some practice with the recording equipment and audio software. (One thing I realized, I still have a lot to learn!)

In the podcast, I talk some about the Squaw Valley Fiction Writers Workshop, which Kael and I both attended last summer, as well as my plans for going independent in order to get my stories out in the world.

Oh, and I also describe my extremely high-tech recording studio.

You can find it by searching for Unpublishednotdead on itunes (my episode is Podcast 11, but while you're there you should check out the others as well) or by clicking here.

Happy listening!

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