Friday, April 17, 2009

Hear me defend myself!

I guest hosted at Unpublishednotdead again!

This time I did not sit in the tent/recording studio, which I described in Podcast 11.

It's kind of stuffy in there.

Plus, I was really rushed and didn't think there was time to set it up.

I also didn't use my state of the art pop filter:

I don't think the lack of tent affected the sound quality too much, but I wish I had used the pop filter because the pops are definitely noticible. (Pops are bursts of static that occur when the speaker says consonants like "p" or "k" into a microphone.)

Anyway, my newest Unpublishednotdead podcast is Podcast 14 and even though I recorded it a couple of weeks ago, and Kael only just put it up last night, it's still worth a listen.

I respond to his insults in Podcast 12. I go off on him! And I get extremely rude and mean!

Well, not really. But I do defend myself.

I also discuss:

  • a great writing conference I attended

  • my thoughts on writing classes and conferences in general (they're not always good)

  • and where I am with my indie publishing plans

So, if you have 20 minutes and need something to listen to to take your mind off doing the dishes, say, check it out!

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