Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Feedback Frenzy

When you put yourself out there, whether it's by blogging or podcasting or publishing your words in some way, you open yourself up to feedback--especially, I think in today's technology-enhanced world. Thanks to the internet, people can voice their opinion on virtually anything, and often voice it anonymously. I think this makes many people bolder and blunter than they'd be if they were expressing themselves in person.

Like anything, there are positives and negatives to all of these blunt opinions flying around cyberspace. If you're trying to decide what kind of web hosting site to subscribe to (which is something I'm shopping around for right now) it's great to read other people's thoughts on the services they use. On the flip side, learning someone's negative opinion about something you've written or said, can be tough to take.

What's prompted this blog entry? Kael, who's asked for comments for awhile now on his Unpublishednotdead blog entries and podcasts, is now getting some and they aren't all filled with praise. I think it's awesome, personally. It shows people are reading and listening and are invested enough in what he's done to take the time to write a comment. But I also know from personal experience, that it can be hard to find out that not everyone thinks everything you do is fabulous.

But it's part of what happens when you share yourself with other people. You have to be willing to hear or read what they have to say about you. And then decide how much of what they have to say you are going to take to heart. Sometimes feedback, even really negative feedback, is exactly what you need to hear to make your work that much better. And sometimes, the person who's giving the feedback is clearly a big jerk who's opinion should be disregarded right into the trash. The tricky part is having the courage and self-confidence to not only let other people say what they'll say about you, but knowing how seriously to take their input.

I'm not worried about Kael. He is getting a following and I think that's so exciting and I know he'll be able to handle all that comes with it!

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