Monday, June 15, 2009

The Story

I haven't freaked out on this blog in a long time, although that used to be the theme of most of my entries.

I still panic from time to time about the writing and wanting to be good enough, but I stopped posting about it because I just got tired of repeating myself. Plus I don't fall into writing-related shame-spirals quite as frequently as I did in the past.

But lately I've been bogged down by all of the decisions that need to be made throughout the process of getting Dreaming of Deliverance produced as a podcast novel and as a printed book. There are SO many things to think about. And I'm kind of a perfectionist, so I want to make the right decision and spend more time than I should analyzing all of the options related to each decision.

For the print version there's the cover, the interior design, the author photo, the acknowledgements. For the podcasted version there's bumper music, audio software, microphones, storage space. But what has me bogged down at the moment is marketing. How to get the word out about the book. There are lots of creative ways to go about it and I have some ideas for what to do, but ick. I don't like thinking that way. When I'm in a low-confidence phase I think why would anyone be interested? There are so many books out there. So many forms of entertainment.

But as I've said before, what's the most important for me, what got me started writing fiction in the first place, is story. Story trumps everything else. I adore burying myself in a good story. I adore burying myself in my story. So that's what I'm trying to focus on. The story. It will appeal to others. I get to share it soon, and that's really cool.

Next week I'll receive my digital proof of the print version, and with luck, will carve out some recording time. I'm also thinking about doing another Unpublishednotdead podcast.

I can't let myself forget about the story, though. In the end, the story is the reason for all of this.


Cindy said...

Hi Renee!
Did you read the latest Writer's Digest? There's a big piece about the expectations placed on writers these days - we don't just write the books but we're expecterd to do a lot of the promotion for it as well. This, even for agented books that were picked up by major houses. Some writers even hire publicists!

So yes, it's still uncomfortable, but it looks like you'd have to do this anyway. Or hire someone. (Maybe a student would take it on? Someone studying to be a publicist?)

You felt strongly enough about this story - you cared enough - to see it through the whole first draft and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite....and it's a good story! You've brought it this far, now you have to help it be born. Teach it to fly!

If it helps, I'll put it on my blog. Guaranteed circulation of two. Per month. (BG)

Renée said...

Thanks, Cindy! Great to hear from you! I'll definitely check out that article. And good point about probably having to do lots of promotion anyway.

How are you? Looks like you've got lots of great recipes on your blog. That's a change, isn't it? What prompted the new direction?

Thanks again!


Cindy said...

Hi Renee:
I don't know why, but my profile shows my food blog and not my writing blog.

I like that, actually, because I can share my recipes with family and they can't get into my (more private/more anonymous) writing blog. So it works. But help yourself to the recipes, they're my favourites. (Especially the meatballs, but I have a sauce recipe that's better, I'll put that up soon!)

I'm well, writing semi-regularly and reading the Artist's Way. A wise woman once recommended it. (S) You can still get me at the other blog - I think you have a link.

Renée said...

Cindy- I do have the link in my link's list here, but obviously, I didn't use it the other day. Doh! Glad the Artist's Way has been helpful. I only went through week 5, but still do morning pages. Now I'm off to check your writing blog to see how everything's going!