Friday, May 11, 2012

Get squished by a boulder or do another round of The Artist's Way?

Hi everyone! Missed me? I'm tempted to use this video as an excuse for why I've been MIA. But no. It was made using the Action Movie App. Cracks my kids up every time!

Anyway, Eric teases me about always starting my blog entries by apologizing for not blogging more. And it's sooooo tempting to apologize this time because I haven't blogged since February. But I won't. I'll restrain myself. I'm not sorry! So there!

Things are typical with me. I'm doing a lot and not enough, simultaneously. I just wrapped up another audiobook, and you'll be able to hear me in some upcoming podcasts. I'll give you details when I have them. But I'm not writing enough. I'm dying to immerse myself in DoD 2. It's percolating in my head but I just can't focus on it quite yet. My kid's book is very close and I want to finish that up first.

I flounder too much. I get a lot done but I don't think I'm as efficient as I should be. But I'm going to do another round of the Artist's Way. If you were with me back in 2006, you might remember that I took a stab at the Artist's Way then. It's a very powerful creative program and I want to do it again. So I am! Here's a 2006 blog entry about it.

Want to do it with me? I'm probably going to start Sunday!


craig said...

"I'm doing a lot and not enough, simultaneously." That's brilliant! What is important in this existence is to see the paradox - to understand the dichotomy. Brilliant! PS: you're doing just fine....

R.E. (Renée) Chambliss said...

Thanks, Craig! It's a chronic issue/blessing/curse, I think. :)