Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Renée on other podcasts: The Drabblecast and The Roundtable Podcast

But first here's a picture of my 42-year-old self dressed in 80s regalia: the sort of thing I actually wore in the 80s. It might seem random and extraneous to this blog post, but my 80s transformation is mentioned in my most recent Unpublishednotdead podcast with Eric, so maybe it's kind of relevant...

What I actually wanted to tell you about, however, is two other podcast appearances that I've made this week. The first was in The Drabblecast. Surprise! I voice a creepy little girl. I know. What a departure for me! But it's a very cool story called "Endless Encore" by Will Ludwigsen. Will has written a series of what he calls "Postcard Stories" where he uses old photographs and drawings to inspire his writing.  Here's the picture that inspired "Endless Encore". See the well? See the strings? Check out what Will has done with this image!

Then I had the great fortune to participate in the Roundtable Podcast with the very awesome Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey, along with my old friends and colleagues Big Anklevich and Rish Outfield. I'm too tired and lazy to do a new write up about this experience, so I'm just going to cut and paste the thoughts I posted in the Dunesteef Forums:

I'd heard about the Roundtable Podcast (http://www.roundtablepodcast.com/) from Bryan Lincoln*. If you're not familiar with the Roundtable Podcast, Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey are the hosts and every episode features a guest host and a writer who is looking for help with a story idea. I needed some guidance on an idea that was out of my comfort zone and thought that Big and Rish would be the perfect guest hosts to help me. They were great! My day-to-day life is filled with kids' needs: lunches, homework, clean baseball jerseys, etc, and it's lacking in creative brainstorming, so I can't express how fabulous it is to kick around ideas with other creative people, like Big, Rish, Dave, and Brion. This was such a great experience and helped me so much. I also thought Big and Rish's separate 20 minutes showcase was really interesting and entertaining and it gave an intriguing behind the scenes look into how the Dunesteef works. 

Thanks so much, guys!

* I will be asking for Bryan's help too. But it's spoilery: for the sequel to my first novel, Dreaming of Deliveance, so I can't have a public brainstorming session about it, unfortunately. I'd like to record our conversation (when it finally happens) for later release. It really is so valuable to bounce ideas off of other people. :)

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