Thursday, May 11, 2006

May 9 has come and gone...

...and May 9 was when I hoped to have finished--six months from the day I started this blog. I didn't meet the goal I set back in November, but I have made a lot progress.

Since November 9 I have written 120 pages and come within a couple of scenes of finishing.

In the six months prior to November 9 do you know how many pages I wrote?


Now I write regularly, almost every day, which was something I was not doing last fall. I've also dealt with lots of fear and insecurity and pushed through those panicky feelings instead of giving up when things got hard. I realized I'm an artist and quite normal--well, as normal as an artist can be, anyway.

So maybe I didn't get exactly where I wanted to be right now. I'm not done. But I am very close and I have accomplished much more than I probably would have if I hadn't set the goal.

I feel pretty good about that!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Two scenes to go. Or maybe three. I can't believe how close I'm getting. Of course, at my speed, it could still be a month or so, but wow.

I'm almost done!