Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Queries--Fun, fun, fun!

Does anyone like doing queries? I can't imagine it, but I suppose there must be someone out there who enjoys the process.

I'm forcing myself to query, because of course, I'm unlikely to obtain representation otherwise.

Oh sure, there's always the possibility that an agent with interests that match my book, great connections, and an easy-to-get-along-with personality will happen to knock on my door one day. Maybe his or her car breaks down right in front of my house, say.

But I've decided that I can't count on something like that to happen. I must take the steps necessary to make these agents aware of me and my book. And that means querying.

Finding information on querying is a perfect example of how the internet can be helpful, while also making you crazy at the same time. There are SO many web sites out there with advice on the best way to approach agents. And while there are some universal guidelines to follow, there are also lots of conflicting opinions on the details of how to do a great query. It is possible to spend hours and hours sifting through it all--hours when one could be writing or mopping the floor.

And on each of these sites there are hordes of other writers throwing in their two cents on what to do, as well as relaying all of their struggles when it comes to trying to land an agent. It makes me realize how unoriginal all of my querying angst is. Us aspiring-to-find-an-agent types are everywhere!

So trying to do a query the right way and at the same time knowing that it has to stand out from among the piles and piles of other queries being produced, makes it tough for perfectionists like me. Basically, it stresses me out, big time! But I'm doing it. Yay me.

Hmm....That's pretty sarcastic and grim. I should probably end this blog entry on a positive note, so since I've mentioned that the internet can be helpful when it comes to querying, I'd like to post a link to an extremely helpful querying resource: lets you search for agents' contact information and web presence, plus you can use it to track who you've sent queries to, and what the response has been.

So check it out if you're querying! It's definitely helping me.

And try to ignore the depressing statistic posted on the front page that there are 10,000+ registered users and only 83 success stories.

Gee, guess I won't be ending positively!