Sunday, August 21, 2016

Raising Jane: Mothers + Daughters = Inspiration and Strength!

So grateful! I just spent the weekend at an amazing Mother-Daughter retreat: Raising Jane!

My heart is full. I feel so touched and inspired. The ironic thing is that it wasn't really for me. Yes, I'm a mother, and I'm a daughter. But the retreat was geared for girls ages 10-14 and their moms. My daughter is 17. But she is the reason I was there. She's a math and science whiz, and also a Sister to Sister mentor for New Moon Girls magazine and online community and she was a presenter at the retreat! I was her assistant and gopher: a role that was so much fun to play!

I was so proud of her. It was amazing to watch her connect with the younger girls and teach them about math and science: answer their questions and be a role model. (She also absolutely loved having access to the Green Room, for the presenters!)

But I was also so touched just to be there. To see all of these mother-daughter pairs walking around the retreat center: talking about what they'd learned, feeling the connection between them. It was amazing. Such a gift.

The mother-daughter relationship can be incredibly complex, but it's so important. And us moms, we want to be close to our daughters and have a strong connection with them. We also want to teach them and help them, which can be tough when they disagree with our oh-so-true (ha, ha!) input on life and how things are. This weekend was amazing in how it allowed the mothers and daughters to learn and grow together and participate in something that was just for them and their beautiful, and sometimes prickly, relationship!

I left so impressed with the strength and beauty and courage of everyone involved. I left proud to be a women and a mother.

I also left full of thoughts and inspiration and a desire to put more energy into my own creations.

So look for more to come!

Love and peace and strength to everyone!