Monday, January 05, 2009

Podcast Novels

Have you ever heard of a "podcast novel"? I hadn't until recently, but now that I know, I'm very excited about the concept. Basically, it's an audio version of a novel that's distributed serially on the internet. has lots to chose from. Most are read by the author. The quality seems to vary widely (although I've only checked out 3 or 4 so far). You can download them for free and make a donation to the author, if you'd like.

My favorite so far is Shadowmagic, by by John Lenahan. I've listened to the first two chapters already, and they are great! Lenahan is a fabulous reader, too, which I think really allows his engaging story to shine through. I am incredibly impressed and it has gotten me thinking....

Technology being what it is, there are many more ways to share a story today than there used to be. This is a route I'm definitely going to explore!