Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Fiction Writers

I cannot believe it's been so long since I last posted an entry. I thought I was doing pretty well, for me, anyway.

Sorry to anyone who is hoping for more Renée blog regularity!

This will be quick too, because I have to run a few errands before I go swim. Did I mention I'm training for a triathlon? I did one last year and really enjoyed it, believe it or not, plus having an event like that to train for helps me to stay motivated, exercise-wise. I'm actually quite a lazy person if left to my own devices--again, believe it or not!

So here's the news.

Part 1 of a new story that I narrated is available for your listening enjoyment. It's at the, which is a terrific site and podcast hosted by Tony Whitford. I love this idea, because it allows newer writers to have their fiction podcast. Unlike the other short-fiction podcasts I enjoy (The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine and The Drabblecast, are my favorites) this one is not limited to speculative fiction. In fact the story I narrated, Kathryn Long's "A Date to Die For," is a mystery--a lighthearted, funny mystery! The protagonist reminds me of a cross between Angela Landsbury's "Murder She Wrote" character and Stephanie Plum--she was so much fun to voice!

Also, Craig Robertson's podiobook, The Prisoner of NaNoWriMo is almost complete. Have you checked it out? Heard Trudy's big scene? (I think that's Craig's favorite "Renée moment.") I'll post another voice actress recap about my experiences with the later episodes, including Trudy's breakdown, soon!

Finally, there's a new Unpublishednotdead! Eric/Kael and Joanna did it together and as usual it's thought-provoking and entertaining--although it doesn't have much to do about writing, and they really need to work on their sound quality (which I know, they know).

Okay, off to the lake. See you soon, I hope!