Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm here, just not here. Want to hear me? New links here!


Where the heck have I been? Well, my daughter broke her elbow the last day of August and it took a few weeks to get it treated properly. Yeah, weeks. She's a tough cookie, though, so she handled it great. Plus she ended up with a really cool cast. Did you know that it's possible to get multi-colored casts these days? Apparently, they even have leopard print, although that wasn't an option where her cast was put on.

Anyway, even though she's very stoic and an easy patient, we've still spent quite a bit of time in Drs. offices, and I've had to let some of my other stuff (namely this blog) slide. I'm usually pretty good about tweeting, though, so if you're on Twitter and want to know what I'm up to, follow me. The link to my twitter is on the right. --->

So despite the fact that there haven't been any new Pointed Squiggle entries in awhile, I haven't been idle! Several new podcasts featuring me (both interviews, and voice work) have gone live recently.

First I was interviewed by Bryan Lincoln and Abbie Hilton for their Parsec Award-winning Fullcast Podcast. We mostly talked about pacing and narration, but since we are all writers, we also talked about (duh!) writing. They are both great to talk to and it was a fun conversation!

Then I did a new Unpublishednotdead! It was unscripted, off-the-cuff, and rather therapeutic for me: I always seem to get quite candid about my feelings when I barge in on Eric's podcast, so I really appreciate him letting me. Anyway, in it, I give an update about what's going on with me and how I'm handling it. (Not always well!)

And here's another interview! It's for Abbie Hilton's Cowry Catchers podcast feed. We recorded it back in February, but she didn't want to post it until Book 3 of Cowry Catchers was complete. She talks a lot about Dreaming of Deliverance and what she doesn't like about it. Strangely, that didn't bother me too much. Maybe I'm growing! But once we finished talking about Dreaming of Deliverance, we went into more detail about Cowry Catchers, so if you haven't been listening to that excellent podcast novel and think you will some day (and you really should, it's SO well done!), skip that part because we mentioned some pretty big spoilers related to my character, Dakar.

Finally, I made my Drabblecast debut over the weekend! I was very excited to be asked to do some of the narration for the Susan Forest short story "Orange". It is an extremely well-written, thought-provoking piece, and it was pretty exciting for me to hear my narration alternating with the amazing Norm Sherman's.

I've also been writing lots and am getting so close to being able to tell you concrete details about the new Dreaming of Deliverance short stories. You'll be able to get them as e-shorts or in audio (or both), and I'm hoping to have them released by the end of the month.

See? I'm definitely still here. Just not always here. At this blog.

More soon!