Wednesday, February 08, 2012

New stories! New studio! It's even smaller than the tent!

Long time no post!

My sorry-for-not-blogging-more-frequently excuse hasn't changed much: I'm still busy, busy, busy!

But I did want to share these pics that my daughter took of me recording a new young adult novel called Codename Dancer by Amanda Brice. Okay, it was slightly more of a photo shoot than a real recording session because when I'm actually recording, I completely wall myself in with foam, but that wouldn't have made for a very good picture, so I left one wall down for this.

Anyway, I have some new equipment and a new recording space. It might be a little difficult to tell from these pictures just how small my new space is, but the "table" that my mic and light are on, is a bar stool and I'm sitting in a preschool-sized chair. Fortunately I'm not that big of a person, and don't have claustraphobia.

The new set up might be small, but it gives me great sound. Plus it's always ready to go, unlike the tent which took 1/2-hour to set up every time I needed to record. I also have a new microphone, preamp, and digital recorder. I was sad to retire my trusty Blue Snowball, but the new equipment definitely gives me a richer, more professional sound.

And I am doing lots of recording for Audiolark. Soon the books I've already narrated will be up on But in the meantime, if you want to hear me, here are some relatively recent stories:

Dream Engine by Tim Pratt at the Journey Into podcast. Hear me narrate a story as a bodiless, genderless entity!

We Figure the Leaves by Kristine Ong Muslim at the Way of the Buffalo. Gorgeous writing in this flash fiction piece.

Save the Date by Joe Zieja, and Catastrophe Baker Makes First Contact by Mike Resnick at the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. No Renée narration in these; instead I did some voice acting, and both stories called for over the top, goofy performances.

Rain by Abby Manheim at the Dunesteef. I produced and narrated this beautifully written, thought-provoking story.

So those are the new fiction pieces featuring moi, but I also did a duel Unpublishednotdead with Eric/Kael! We figured out how to manage recording a podcast in two locations, and it turned out pretty well, despite all of my "uh"s, "you knows" and "kinda"s. We answered lots of writing and relationship questions. I'm not sure how helpful we were, but regardless, we're hoping to make these podcasts regularly!

As for writing, I'm having a problem carving out time and it's so frustrating. I need a kick in the butt there, for sure. Again, nothing new! I've been thinking more and more about Dreaming of Deliverance's sequel and I'm itching to dive into it and explore that world again.

Soon, I hope.