Friday, July 20, 2012

At long last, a blog post about "Boxed"!

Okay, this post is way over due. In my defense, I was waiting to podcast about it with Eric before blogging about it. But he's dragging his feet in a big way about podcasting with me--who knows when we'll do another episode--and it's been forever since I blogged, so the time has come!

I produced a story back in June for the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine called Boxed. It was written by Will McIntosh and is a super creative story with terrific characters. I had so much fun narrating and producing it and I absolutely loved editing in Big Anklevich's lines. His character Jackie was hilarious, as written, but the way that Big performed those lines made the whole thing laugh-out-loud funny. And if that was not enough, Eric did a small part in the story. We recorded it during this episode of Unpublishednotdead. So give it a listen both to hear Eric's podcast fiction debut and just because it's a great story! :)

In other news, I've decided to blog more. I know, I know: You'll believe it when you see it! But there are lots of things I've wanted to write about lately--more related to my life at home. Kids and sports (my son just started his first year of tackle football), having a teenager (my daughter turned 13 at the beginning of the month), my continual quest to balance my writing, my voice work, and my family duties, etc. 

So new Pointed Squiggle entries will appear before too long! Look out for them!