Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rest time writing

Rest time writing yesterday went surprisingly well. In fact, I realized why part of the scene I'm currently working on wasn't working and made a change that reads much better. Often I feel like I can't concentrate fully during rest time since part of my brain is listening for the kids, but yesterday that didn't seem to matter as much.

I'm frustrated though, because I've been tinkering with this current scene for what feels like forever. One of the reasons I've had a hard time with it, is because of that part that wasn't working, but the main reason is the darn thing is 13 pages long!

Remember my intention to keep the scenes shorter so I wouldn't have to spend days on each rewrite/polish? Didn't happen with this one. I guess that's okay. I want to do the scenes well, and some of them are going to end up longer than others.

I'm going to write again at rest time today!

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