Friday, September 14, 2007

I am a writer

Why do I feel so sheepish declaring it? I am. I've recently realized that I need to write for my emotional health. Sure it can be difficult, but it's something worthwhile to stress about. I'd much rather agonize over a problem in a story I'm creating, or getting my language just right, than the laundry or my grimy floors.

My kids are both in school now, so I have more time. I'm going to take advantage of it. I've started my second novel, and my first is going out to agents.

I really am a writer. Maybe someday I'll feel comfortable saying so.


Anonymous said...

Keep telling yourself that, because it's totally true. :)

Renée said...

Thanks, wyo! I'll try!

Cindy said...

Hi Renee:

I know! I think it's a little embarassing (or at least something we're inclined to be shy about) because so many people roll their eyes when you say so. It sounds like you're saying "I want to be a movie star" or something like that. Lots of people, non-artistic types, I mean, don't understand that need to create, and are inclined to regard a declaration like that with phony smiles and hollow encouragement. They don't see that the satisfaction comes primarily from the act of writing, and that "writer" is as much a personality trait as a profession.

But I do. So rock on, writer!

Renée said...

Too true, Cindy! And my practical nature is constantly at war with my artistic side, which doesn't help. I have a very loud critical inner voice.

Thanks for your words, writer! :o)