Friday, November 02, 2007

The Plan

My new approach is twofold:

1. Write 1000 words a day--even on days where I don't have a lot of time, like the weekends. I'll get up early to write as usual, and squeeze the rest of the words in during the day. I've managed to get 1000 new words written every day this week, except for Halloween, which was super busy, so I only managed 500.

2. On the days when I do have more time, after I've gotten my 1000 done, I'll revise what I've already written. Some writers can keep going forward on a first draft without revising, but I don't think I have it in me to write only SFD. Plus I enjoy revising (most of the time) and trying to get my wording just right.

At first, I worried that at an 1000-word a day pace, I wouldn't be able to keep up with the revising. But so far it hasn't been a problem. That might change later in the month. The kids have a lot of days off in November.

But regardless, I'm making much better progress than I was, so for now, I'd say this new approach is working well for me.

And since this has to be my most boring blog entry ever (and that's saying something!), I'm going to close with a quote and a link.

My daughter's class is reading Laura Ingals Wilder's Little House on the Prairie. One of the assignments contained this passage:

When Laura peeked out from behind the slab again, both Indians were looking straight at her. Her heart thumped into her throat and choked her with its pounding. Two black eyes glittered down into her eyes. The Indian did not move, not one muscle of his face moved. Only his eyes shone and sparkled at her.

Isn't that great? I love the language: simple and understandable but also unique and incredibly descriptive.

And here's the link, which has nothing to do with fiction, but I'm throwing it out here anyway:

1977 JC Penney Catalog

Prepare to be amused!

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