Tuesday, January 01, 2008


In lots of ways, 2007 was a great year. I finished my book, went on two amazing trips, and became an auntie again. There's nothing to complain about, and lots to celebrate and appreciate.

On the writing front, however, I'm in a low place. Part of the reason is that I'm still not sure what I should write. I feel called to write the sequel to my first book. That's the story I can see right now. But I'm scared to work on it because the acceptance of the first book is so uncertain. Writing a sequel doesn't make a lot of sense if the first book doesn't sell.

I wish something different would ask me to write it, but so far, except for the short story I wrote a couple months ago, nothing has grabbed me. There are lots of ideas whirling around my imagination, but none have taken hold. The story for the sequel is too compelling.

So I think I need to write the second book, even though it might not make the most practical sense right now. But I've never approached writing fiction from a calculated, practical place. Instead, I've tried to trust that the story won't let me down, and let it tell itself, through me. That was easier to do when it was just the story and me. Now it's me and the story and the agents. Big, fat, YIKES!

But as I'm constantly telling my kids, it's important to be grateful for what you have, instead of constantly pining for what you don't. I have a book to submit to agents--something I worked for for years. I know I can find stories, and connect to them, and set them down in a readable way. I have supportive friends and family. Aside from this current writing low, I have NOTHING to complain about. In my personal life, things are great.

And if I had a choice between creating something I didn't connect strongly with, even if it was snapped up right away; and writing a story that takes over my imagination and amazes and surprises me, even if it takes awhile to be appreciated by the pros, I'd choose the compelling story and the strong connection. No question at all.

Whew! I guess I do know what I should be writing.

Happy 2008, everyone! (Instead of "everyone" I should probably just say Cindy and wyo. :o) Hope you have a terrific year!


Anonymous said...

Definitely write what you are compelled to write. As you know, my day job has me writing stuff that I am in no way whatsoever interested in writing. Writing what you are "called" to write, regardless of who reads it, is a privelege ... go for it, and go for it with everything you've got!

And then send me the draft for the sequel, 'cause I HAVE to read THAT! ;)

Cindy said...

Hi Renee!

You've answered your own concern - writing out a problem often does that for me, too. (Seen my blog? (G)) If you do it right, the "sequel" can stand alone, but it will be a little harder. One thing I don't think anyone likes to find in a book I'm reading are oblique and unexplained references to backstory that has nothing to do with the current plot!

Whatever you do, enjoy it. Are you still getting 1000 words a day?

I'll email you later today. Work has been in-freaking-sane.

Renée said...

Thanks, both of you!

Since I decided to keep on with Book 2, the words are coming a lot easier.