Saturday, September 20, 2008

More thoughts on criticism and negativity...

In thinking about yesterday's post I realized I have a tad bit more to say about the subject. So miracle of miracles, here's another post only one day later!

Sure negative comments can be helpful, but that doesn't mean I think we all should just let those negative comments fly without taking into consideration the writer's feelings.

Tact and delicacy, people!

There's always something positive that can be said about a piece and that's what you should start with when giving a critique. In my opinion, anyway.

Also, I believe it's important not to try to change a piece to the way you would do it if you were writing it. You're not. There are many styles and types of writing out there and no one is the only way. So when I read each of the Workshop 8 manuscripts I tried to figure out what the writer was trying to do and make my suggestions and comments based on that. I was probably wrong a bunch of the time (in one case I know I was WAY wrong!) but I thought that approach was more respectful to the writer than trying to rewrite what they'd done based on how I'd do it.

So, in summary: positive things can come from negativity, but try to be nice about it!

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