Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A SFD writer's nightmare

Remember Twilight and Stephenie Meyer?

Well, a draft, a SFD (shitty first draft) I'm guessing, of part of her work in progress, the most recent novel of the Twilight series, has been posted on the internet. (That's a link to an article about the incident, by the way, not the draft itself.)

I'm cringing thinking about how Meyer must feel. Not only is the plot of her story, "spoiled" now, but to have writing that's not ready exposed publicly? Makes my private, control-freak nature shudder!

What a shame.


Kelly said...

Stephanie herself actually did post the draft. I read a letter that she wrote to her fans and said that the book is on hold indefinitely and she would rather people read it legally so she linked to it. I have it bookmarked if you are interested.

I felt so bad for her to work so hard and have it be ruined like that. Sometimes the internet just plain sucks where privacy is concerned.

Renée said...

You're right, Kelly, I saw that too after I wrote the blog entry this morning. I think she was trying to take ownership of the whole thing, in some small way. But she never would have posted it herself, if it hadn't already gotten out.

Have you read all of her books? I read the first three, but not her two most recent.

Kelly said...

I just devoured the first one this past week. I'm picking up the second one at the library tomorrow. I'm on the waiting list for number 3 also. I'll probably have to see the movie but I can tell by the trailers that I will love the book so much more.