Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lots to say, little time to say it

Quick update, you invisible friends of questionable reality.

The print version of Dreaming of Deliverance is underway and should be available in 3 short months!

I recorded a test episode of the podcast version and it went well enough that I'm ready to start recording the book for real. The podcasts should start around the time the print version is available.

There is SO much to learn about all of this. I'm taking it one step at a time, but it gets overwhelming. Next step is to write the back cover copy. Then I take on the intimidating, but oh-so-important task of setting up an author web site, which needs to be up and running once the book and podcasts "go live" (that's podiobook lingo, I think).

Meanwhile, I'm trying to work on my kids' book, I'm subbing an average of a couple of times a week, and doing all the house/kid/wife stuff.





Trying to squeeze too much in?


Things should get both easier and harder soon. School is out in less than a month, so no more subbing for a while. But that also means the kids will be home all day every day.

But now at least I can scratch "Update Blog" off my list!

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