Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Better still!

No time to write an in-depth update. And we're moving on tomorrow, so I'm not sure what the internet facilities will be like at the next place, or when I can next write a good long entry, but I wanted to let you know three things real quick:

1) Thanks so much for the emails! I love hearing from you all. Peggy, I do have Afrin and I will definitely use it before my flights home. And Craig, I also have Vicodin and it does help--I'm glad to have a 2nd medical opinion about that! Mom, Dad, Marlene, Christina, Claire, Lizette: thanks SO much for your sweet emails. I wish I had time to respond individually, but I'm in the hotel's office b/c the other computers weren't working and the phone keeps ringing and they're super nice about me being here but I know I'm in their way so I need to wrap this up.

2) I'm feeling 100 percent now! Yahoo! What a difference!


3) We saw SO many great things today. Again no time to fully explain, but I'll share one small tidbit...

Lions mating.

More soon. :o)


craig said...

Lions mating is a long, loud and rough mini-series; but don't watch too long, they're very shy.....

R.E. (Renée) Chambliss said...

They didn't seem too worried about us, and it certainly was quick! I'll probably do a "mating" entry next. The contrast between the lion and the hyena was approach was dramatic to say the least!