Sunday, April 25, 2010

Episode 29: for those who want it ASAP!

Hey everyone!

Lots of delays with episode 29. I had bad karma or something, because I ended up having to record 3 different times! (Usually, I get the whole episode read in one shot.)

It's uploaded to podiobooks, but sometimes it takes a little while to go live there, so if you'd like to hear it sooner, I posted it on

Here's the link.


More soon!


craig said...

First take show off! I was going to chop up The Innerglow Effect for the audiobook version, but after listening to the version of Chapter 1 which has been live for 2-3 months, I had to re-record it. Not time wasted, but definitely time spent. First time wonder, yeah, rub it in....

R.E. (Renée) Chambliss said...

No way do I get it all in one take! But I usually catch my flubs at the time--during the recording. For some reason, with this one word, I said it wrong both times I recorded it, so I had to go back for a third try. I was sure there must have been a typo in the text, but it's correct there. Who knows where my mind went--twice!