Tuesday, December 07, 2010

My recording tent was attacked!

You know, a lot of people have teased me about my recording tent. Some have praised the clean sound in enables me to produce, but most have mocked it.

That's okay. I accept that not everyone's ideal recording set-up includes crawling into an old Spiderman children's play tent covered with a lavender, sheep-festooned flannel sheet, and a worn duvet coverall held together with binder clips and duct tape.

Really, I don't mind. Chuckle all you want. It looks stupid. I know!

However, the other day I came across the following disturbing sight. And this is where I draw the line, people. Make fun of it all you want, but I will not allow my goofy-looking recording tent to be assaulted!

I was shocked! It was in shambles!

Was there an earthquake? Was it the kids? No. Soon the problem became clear...

And just in case there was any doubt:

Yeah, not a lot of remorse there. And sadly, it wasn't a one-time incident. She tears it down every chance she gets.

So now I have a new pre-recording task. In addition to turning off the heater and refrigerator, moving the ticking clock to the other room, applying lip balm, making sure I have hot tea and cool water at the ready, the microphone plugged in and the lap top fully charged, I also must put the kitten in the back room and close the door before I finish assembling the recording tent.

On a positive note, I've been podcasting for over a year, but now I feel I've truly arrived! Because one thing I've noticed when listening to other podcasters' outtakes, is that feline interference and podcasting seem to go hand in hand!


craigr1971 said...

I'm not convinced. Yes, the kitten looks suspicious, not real alibi and all. I think it was one of the Loch, set on vengeance for the bad press you gave them. They can be sooo petty! Check for an awful smell. Oh wait, that could be the kitten box. Oh bother ;)

R.E. (Renée) Chambliss said...

That's a really good point. Maybe she's been framed!

craigr1971 said...

Yes, the Losh are cruel and merciless. They also H-A-T-E cats! Red cats, don't even mention them to a Losh, they will rant for-ever, OMG!