Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My Simple Pleasures

Long time, no blog post! I've no good excuse, just germs sweeping through the family. I've been recording and writing anyway, however, and here's some good news. There should be two DoD-related short stories that will be made available in the next few months! I'm having fun working on them, and they will answer some of the questions raised in DoD so you won't have to wait until the next novel is ready to learn more about what's happening in Trae.

But that's not why I wanted to blog today. I've been thinking about simple pleasures. I saw a discussion about them on line and got to thinking that there are so many small things in life that provide such happiness. We tend to focus so much on the big stuff, but it's important to appreciate the little things that make life beautiful. What are yours? Here are some of mine:

  • The quiet house in the morning before everyone else wakes up
  • An In-n-Out cheeseburger animal style no pickles
  • Running in the canyon
  • Sitting by a river
  • Reading a great book
  • Walking on the beach at low tide
  • Figuring out how a story fits together
  • Kitty snuggles
  • Laughing with my kids
  • Hugging my husband    
Hope you're all having a great week!

More soon!


Laura Albright said...

Well said! Mine:
A quiet morning to sleep in.
A nosy-nose with my son.
Hugging the dog or the Hamster.
A delicious cup of tea.
A good book.
A warm bath.
And my warm husband.

-Laura Albright

Kenn Crawford said...

Well said, Renee!
My simple pleasures include:

Watching the rain,
Gazing at a brook.
A hot cup of tea,
Reading a good book.
Hearing beautiful music,
Watching grandkids play.
Photographing Cape Breton,
And just waking up each day!

--Kenn Crawford

suryaworld said...

nice blog

R.E. (Renée) Chambliss said...

Thanks, Laura and Kenn!

Such beautiful images from both of you. :o)

craigr1971 said...

Euw! That's so gross and girly, Renee. I'm too manly to have a list like that. A hot woman and a cold beer, yeah, there's my list ;)

Kenn Crawford said...

LOL That's a great list Craig :)