Thursday, July 21, 2011

Self-employed with a wimp for a boss!

My boss sucks. She's too nice! She's too forgiving! She needs to start cracking the whip around here! Yes, I'm an employee who struggles with confidence. Look at me! I'm clearly a nervous wreck. I tend to forget what I've accomplished and doubt myself. And I have a lot of other responsibilities. But still! That's no excuse for her allowing me to be such a slacker! She needs to get tough!

I have some great plans for the company. There are two short stories related to Dreaming of Deliverance that are basically finished. I have some beta readers lined up to go over them. Them I'm going to produce them both in text and audio and release out into the wild. You'll be able to read and/or listen to more about Trae and Lindsay's background. I know there's an interest. But I'm having trouble getting myself to do what I need to do. And my boss does nothing. I just have to email them to the beta readers. Why can't she require/encourage me to do it?!

Then there's what my son refers to as "The Rat Book". It's a middle-grade novel thats 75% complete. I love this story. I can't wait to finish it. I think it will be excellent in audio and there really seems to be both a need for and lack of ebooks for younger readers. But my boss hasn't given me any direction on when I need to finish it. I'm floundering here, and she's no help at all!

And of course there's the sequel to Dreaming of Deliverance. I'm getting there with it, but I still have a long way to go. However, I'm ready to start sharing excerpts: post videos of myself reading them on Youtube. I'm excited to share them. Even my non-podcast listening readers know how to watch videos on Youtube. It's going to be awesome! But once again, my employer is giving me no guidance, no timeline, no help.

So I'm turning to this blog, as I often do when I need a kick in the rear. Something about stating here what I'm going to do, helps me to actually do it. And maybe the fact that I'm spilling corporate secrets by admitting that things aren't exactly hunky dory here at work, will finally force my boss to treat me how I need to be treated!

Either that or fire me.


craig robertson said...

As part of a plan to rehab Renee, I am taking over. There will be no more lolly-gagging and procrastination! We will have a meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee at 2:00pm sharp and Power-Points had better be dazzeling! Cancel all non-authorized breaks and - no union! Wow, I like being the boss. I shout out meaningless stock vapidities and do no actual work. Sweet! Memo to "The Talent" - get busy!

eric said...

LOL, my boss is a wimp TOO! We should trade places!!!

R.E. (Renée) Chambliss said...

I don't think I want either of you as a boss. No offense! But thanks for the offer to help.

Delphina Darling said...

I would love to have a boss like yours. You can totally scare the wimp into giving you a thousand dollars.