Friday, January 18, 2013

7-7-7: Renée writing excerpts!

Amanda Brice tagged me on Facebook for the 7-7-7 meme. Basically you are supposed to go to either page 7 or page 77 of your work in progress, go down 7 lines, and then post the next 7 lines. 

So I opened up my two sadly neglected WIPs: Rachel Richards Hates Rats, my middle-grade novel that I discussed in the Roundtable Podcast, and the as yet unnamed sequel to Dreaming of Deliverance

But I couldn't decide which page and which WIP to use, so I decided to post all of them here!

Rachel Richards Hates Rats p. 7, lines 8-14:

I took a couple of steps backward, so Ev couldn't grab the phone from my hand and hang up, which he'd been known to do. "I gotta go, Gwennie."

"Aw, I wish I was there! Your own pool in the backyard. Rachel Richard's dad coming over to your house. You're so lucky!"

"Come on! Come on! Come on!" Ev was hopping up and down again. "Bye, Gwen." I pushed the phone's off button while Ev pulled at my arm. "Okay! Just let me get my swimsuit on."

Rachel Richards p. 77, lines 8-14

I thought of what it felt like to sit there alone while everyone else seemed to be having such a good time. I looked down at Ringo. He jerked his head to the side in Rachel's direction. "Go to her, Ellen," he said in his quietest voice. "Make this right."

Why should I? I almost said. This is Rachel Richards we're talking about. She's been terrible to me from the first day I met her. But for some reason, at that moment I couldn't remember all the reasons I didn't like her.

And these are the excerpts that might interest you more...

Dreaming of Deliverance sequel p. 7, lines 8-14

“Barren rock! Yeh’re back!”

“Oh yes, pet. Our dear friend is right. It’s that little girl!”

“I see her, love. I see her. Doesn’t she look pathetic? But we can’t stay here. We must flee. They will come now that a jut has been opened.”

Rough hands pulled me upright.

“Come on, Lindsay! You have to walk. We can’t carry you.”

I blinked at the man standing in front of me. It was twilight but I could see him well enough.

“Michael?” His face was thinner and white tufts streaked his beard, but the restless eyes and gruff voice were the same.

DoD sequel p. 77, lines 8-14

He led me down a short sandy path to the edge of the river while I admired his ability to communicate with the sisters without addressing them directly. The water was quiet and slow-moving, trickling musically through a cluster of smooth-topped rocks, the largest of which stuck up a couple of feet from the surface at an angle and acted as a natural dam. The resulting pool was big enough for skipping stones or wading, but too small to swim. Clumps of bushy willows, their branches swaying in the breeze, surrounded us and blocked out the view of the cave—of everything really, except the rocks and the water and the starry dome overhead. It was like being in a giant nest.

So there they are! I found it interesting which parts of each story came up: they connect, which is pretty cool. It also made me realize how much I miss these stories. Back at the beginning of this blog, I posted here to motivate myself to keep writing. I need to start that back up again. I love narrating audiobooks, but I'm also a writer and I miss my own stories. I'll get back to it now.

Thanks, Amanda!


Jason said...

I miss your writting too! The DoD stuff is very cool and a major teade. Is the Rachel stuff the kids book we've taljed about?

Renée (R.E.) Chambliss said...

Yes! It's from the kids' book. It will happen and I will be in touch about it. Soon, I hope! :)

Thanks, Jason!

Kenn Crawford said...

I miss your writing too! Can't wait to hear the next DoD book :)

Renée (R.E.) Chambliss said...

Thanks, Kenn! It will happen, eventually! :)

craig robertson said...

Renee, if you need a beta-reader I volunteer with a big-old smile! PS: facebook/email me your address if you want my Cowery Catchers "Very Lightly Used" tee shirt

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