Friday, October 11, 2013

Dreaming of Deliverance 2: another video excerpt!

Hi everyone!

I posted a second excerpt from the sequel to Dreaming of Deliverance awhile back, but have been a slacker about letting you know where to find it. This one was also recorded on a camping trip up in the mountains this past summer. If you've read or listened to Dreaming of Deliverance, you'll want to check out this video! Believe me! You want to see it. :)

The excerpt for which you've been waiting!

Hope you all are well. I continue to be busy with the audiobook narration, which is awesome--I've just started recording book 1 of a new series! But I'm struggling to add writing time to my schedule. Feel free to bug me about the Dreaming of Deliverance sequel as much as you'd like. It really helps!

More eventually...


craig robertson said...

JOEL! Another "cliff-hanger" in the making?

Anonymous said...

Hi are you still writing the Dreaming of Deliverance sequel? I loved your first book and this is the most recent update I have found about the second. Looking forward to it if you are! :D