Sunday, November 13, 2005


Like the picture? That's me running in a 10k this past August. It doesn't really have anything to do with what I was planning to write today, but I'm trying to add it to my profile, and I think I have to post in in a entry first.

Anyway, I did not work on my novel yesterday. The reason is typical and boring. I couldn't find the time. I did go to the gym in the morning and did my UBWO (upper body work out), so that's good. But we needed to go shopping for a birthday present in the afternoon, and during rest time I had to tidy up for the babysitter. (Scott and I went to a fundraiser for Kyle's preschool last night.) Typical! The hyper-critical part of my personality tells me that I should have been able to squeeze it in somehow. For example, had the house already been tidy, I would have had rest time free. But it wasn't. So I didn't.

I hope I get to it today, but it's another busy one: birthday party, maintenance day at the preschool, regular life. I usually take a long run on Sunday mornings, but maybe I should write instead. Here's an example of that trade off. I can exercise OR write, but probably not both.


Somehow, I'll make this work.


Steven said...

Just happened upon your blog. Welcome to the world of blogs!


Renée said...


Christie said...

Geeze Renee, what a great picture, look at those calves...woohooo...go to town on the writing thing girl, that is awesome!!

Renée said...

Thanks, Christie! :o)