Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sun and gloom

I've been in Mexico for the last week on vacation with my family. (sigh) Vacation is a wonderful thing. We ate, we played, I read two books. No cleaning, no cooking, no dishes.

The only downer while we were there was that the mild case of poison oak on my arm I had gotten the week before flared up into a crusty, swollen, oozing mess. It was really gross and I ended up seeing the resort Dr. who looked horrified at the sight of it. I doubt he'd ever seen a case of poison oak before, but thank the lord he was able to treat it.

Aside from that it was a great trip. It was hard to leave.

We came home to cold and rain and responsibility and some heartbreaking news. The real world sucks sometimes.

Nothing to do, though, but plug on.

I'm still writing. While in Mexico, I wrote in my notebook. I prefer to write on the computer, because I can go faster, I don't have to look at my terrible handwriting, and my hand doesn't get all crampy. So I'm always surprised with how pleasurable it can be to write by hand. It's more intimate, somehow. I have an easier time letting go of my need to do things perfectly, since it's so much harder to make changes and edits. Consequently, I think the writing is better since I'm not as stressed.

On the eating/exercise front I'm in sugar detox mode and it's hard. I ate well on vacation (or horribly, I guess, depending on your perspective). I planned it that way. Decided I was going to enjoy my vacation and all that food I didn't have to cook! So I don't feel guilty or like I cheated. But boy these first few days of clean eating after consuming all that sugar and fat are tough. I know it will get easier soon, and I'm holding on to that (and free day which is Sunday!). I'm hoping to get back to my pre-vacation bodyfat percentage in two weeks.

I'm going to do a lot of writing today. The rush I wrote about last week is still in full force, and I'm trying to take advantage of it.

It's gloomy here now both literally and figuratively, and I am sad. But life goes on and I'm not giving up on my goals.

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PartTimeMom said...

"I'm not giving up on my goals. "

A perfect end to a post.

I find that I like writing by hand too. I think that maybe the 'stimulation' of handwriting kind of 'warm up' the creative part of your brain. Or something. I know Pierce Anthony (at least used to) write all of his books in a notebook first and then type them up.

Great job and keep up the dedication - it's great to see and very motivating.