Saturday, December 03, 2005

Finding Writing Time

I wrote for an hour and a half on Thursday, but didn't get any in yesterday. The day was swallowed up with other things. I don't know when I'll write today. It's another busy one. I'm itching to get to it, though. I want to put more time in, and that's good because a couple of weeks ago I found any excuse I could not to write.

Earlier this year I was getting up at four in the morning every day. That worked pretty well--I made great progress and in a masochistic way, it was lovely being up at that hour, writing in the dark, all alone. The problem with doing that now is that my kids are currently waking up at 5 or earlier. So if they saw me up too, they'd want to get up and I wouldn't get that serene, quiet, solitary writing time I'm trying to find. I'm actually thinking of trying in the middle of the night, from 1-3am, say. I know it sounds nutty, but it's really the only time I can count on being undisturbed.

On the exercise front, I did lunges for the first time on Thursday and now I'm so sore I can't walk normally! It's weird because they didn't seem that tough while I was doing them, but I guess they worked some muscles I don't usually use because I'm the sorest I've been since I started lifting weights back in February! Yeouch!

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PartTimeMom said...

I hear about the horrors of lunges. About the inability to walk an I am SO GLAD I can't do them.. lol :)