Saturday, December 31, 2005


I was up, up, up yesterday, so predictably, I'm lower today. Not as dramatically low as has happened in the past, though. It's more of a see-saw low instead of the roller coaster low I wrote about weeks ago.

It's bizarre. Sometimes the writing comes so easily and other times it's like pushing a boulder up a gravely hill in bare feet: tough and painful and extremely slow-going. The really strange (but fortunate) thing is that later on, once the section is polished up, I can never remember whether or not the initial writing of it was effortless or difficult. I try to keep that in mind when I'm struggling: although it's no fun to struggle, in the long run, fighting to find the right words doesn't affect the quality of the work.


wyo said...

Reminds me of a theory of one of my friends ... there are groups of people, and among each group, there must be balance for the people who are "up" by having others be "down." The emotional see-saw, I guess.

I thought it was a horrid idea, because that would mean someone else had to go "down" (not THAT way) in order for me to go "up." But she said look at it this way: if you can figure out who's in your group, you know who will cheer you up.

Then she said the people in your group are your friends. Well, duh. :)


Renée said...

Thanks so much. I'm sure it's helping.