Monday, January 09, 2006

Two months ago...

...I started this blog to motivate myself to finish my novel. And now there are only four more months until my self-imposed deadline of May 9.

Can I do it?

I'm still see-sawing/roller-coasting along.

Right now I'm down--out of my routine for a variety of reasons. The kids and I were away last week visiting friends and family and I didn't write very much while we were gone. We're home now, but Kyle is sick with the flu. And, sadly, a wonderful family friend passed away on Tuesday. It all has made it difficult for me to focus on the novel.

The truth is, I have to be in a selfish frame of mind to be productive. I have to be self-centered and focused almost to the point of obsession if I'm going to write regularly. I couldn't be selfish last week and I didn't want to be selfish. The people I love are more important than my novel. But I don't want to give up on my goal. And now that things have settled down a little, I want to get started writing regularly again.

I just need to get back into that single-minded, borderline obsessive writing mode.

I will. Early tomorrow morning it'll be me, coffee, a dark, quiet house, and my story.

I'm ready to focus again.

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PartTimeMom said...

I look forward to continuing to follow your progess. A break isn't nessesarily a bad thing :)