Thursday, March 30, 2006

Give life

Yesterday I gave blood. I've given blood regularly ever since Hurricane Katrina. It makes me feel good. Our dear friend Lauren who died in January, needed many transfusions throughout her fight with breast cancer. When you're close to someone who's seriously ill, or has been critically injured and needs transfusions, you realize just how important donor blood is. So, if you've ever thought about donating, call and make an appointment with your local blood bank. It's an easy way to make a big difference. Plus you get free snacks!

However, since it's important to get a little extra rest after you've donated, I slept in this morning and didn't write. Today's my day to work at Kyle's preschool, so I won't be able to write then either. But I will write during the kids' rest time this afternoon. Rest time writing isn't typically the most serene experience, but it's better than nothing!


FV Tom said...

Hi Renee,

just found your blog from somebody else's. I'm salmon58 on Tracker though I don't post much.

I'm in awe that you are actually writing a book.

Anyway, just stopped in to say hi.

Your California neighbor.

Karenna said...

I've wanted to give blood for a long time, but I always have little one in tow. Maybe when she gets older and starts school.

Good for you for giving yourself room to do what you need to -- letting the May deadline go and keeping on. I haven't written (other than messages, blogs and headlines at work) for a few weeks. Spring-like days don't inspire me to write. :-)

Renée said...

Thanks, Tom!

Karenna- I couldn't give blood when my two were little, either. And I had to give up the 5/9 deadline. It was stressing me out too much.

Oh and if you want some gloomy weather--head on out my way. What's this "spring" you talk about? Haven't seen any signs of it here.