Saturday, April 01, 2006


Renée: this is what my email program does with my name when I spell it with an accent. IRL, I always write my name with the accent on the second-to-last "e", but in cyberspace, I almost never do, because of the Renée issue.

Come to think of it, Renée, might make for an interesting pen name. Kind of like Prince, when he didn't want to be called Prince anymore and wanted to be referred to by that unpronouncable symbol. At least Renée is something people could say.... I'll have to think about it. ;o)

I'm still getting up early. Still writing. Still making progress. Still getting closer and closer to the end.

Still, still, still! It's not very interesting to read about all my stills, perhaps, but still is a good thing. Working on the novel is all very automatic now. It's just something I do. This blog has helped me so much in that regard.

I also just finished week five of my BFL challenge, which I find miraculous considering everything else that is going on.

And I'm also starting to think about what to write next.

Then there's all the wifely and motherly stuff I do.

Wow. When I stand back and look at it all like this, I realize I should be proud, but I'm not. Renée doesn't often give herself credit. Maybe it would be easier for Renée.

I'll put some more thought into the pen name idea.


Melissa said...

Took forever to let me post a comment! UGH! Thanks for stopping by my blog, good idea with the pepper spray, I'll have to look into getting some!! :) You are writing a novel? WOW! I'm a terrible writer, hated it all throughout college. Just the mention of a 1pg essay scared me.

Donna said...

Hi there, I found your blog thru Melissa's and thought I'd stop by and say hello. It's always nice to have more to read. I love hearing everyone's ideas and stories.

wyo said...

Is that a copyright symbol in there, or is that a moon phase symbol? Either way, I'm thinking it's not all THAT easy to pronounce. ;)

Donna said...

Just a reply to your comment in my blog. Yes, I did run today, but, again on the treadmill. I wanted to get it done with early this morning and it just wasn't warming up fast enough for me.