Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm out there and I'm LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT! (Not really, but I am out there.)

I'm basically an introvert--not the type of person who likes to be the center of attention. But because I'm independently publishing Dreaming of Deliverance, I need to put myself out there. So I am. And it's a little uncomfortable, but it's also kind of exciting because now Dreaming of Deliverance is available on Amazon! And I have an author web site! And the free podcast version, and the Kindle version should be ready soon!

So feel free to check out my brand-spanking new author web site There you will find links where you can order a print copy of Dreaming of Deliverance. And it will also be the place to go to find out when the podcasts will begin--soon, I promise. The podcasts are my next priority now that the website is up and running.

Anyway, I'm out there! There's no getting around it. Tell me what you think. I'm winging a lot of this, so if you have any suggestions for how I could make the site better, let me know!


mark said...

Your Website is really looking great! And I am so pleased to be able to read your blog. Thank you for sharing your work. I'm subscribed!
Rhonda R Carpenter
WWW friend on HA

Renée said...

Thanks, Rhonda!! :o)