Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where Renee Freaks Out Again

I'm freaking out! Again! Fitting, I suppose, since I haven't freaked out in awhile and that used to be the theme of this blog way back in the early days. I'd freak out, and blog about it. But then, I stopped freaking out as much and also got sick of writing about it, so that's why there aren't so many entries these days.

But today? Ick! The anxious adrenaline is flowing.


Two reasons. One is that I just can't get the web site to work as I'd like. The first podcast cuts out half-way through and I have no idea why. So I'm trying to figure that out because some wonderful supportive family members have been getting the word out about Dreaming of Deliverance's availability and I want newcomers to me and my web site to have a good experience, not a frustrating one where things don't work as they should.

The second reason? Tomorrow I'm doing my first triathlon. I just got back from the "1st Timer's Clinic" and now I'm a big nervous mess. It's going to be tough and I don't know how it's going to go.

And I just want the web site to work!


I'm going to give up in a minute and go home and rest up for tomorrow. So for anyone who is checking this blog out for the first time? Please bear with me! I've figured out quite a bit about this independent publishing thing so far, and I'm sure I can figure this out too! Come back in a couple of days when I'll probably be nice and calm again!


Gretchen said...

Hi Renee!! I am so excited to read the book, buying on Amazon now. You rock (and not just b/c of your 80s Crue pic)!!!! Best of luck--we need to connect again someday sooooon!

Renée said...

Thanks, Gretchen! I would love to meet up. I'll leave when up to you since it's probably hard for you to plan anything right now. Thanks again!