Sunday, March 07, 2010


Did I spell that right? I've no idea. I'm super tired. The flight here from San Francisco was smooth and uneventful (yay!) but I didn't sleep much. The pressure changes on the flight were awful. I came down with a sinus headache that turned into a migraine. Yay, me. Typical, unfortunately, and I don't let them stop me but I'm sure hoping it'll be gone tomorrow.

We're here in Amsterdam until tomorrow morning, so we did some sightseeing including the Van Gogh museum, which was beautiful but kind of depressing. He was clearly such a troubled person, and so amazingly talented.

It's cool here and clear and very different from anyplace else I've been. And tomorrow will be more different still--Kilimanjaro!

The safari starts Tuesday. I can't wait! :o)

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craig said...

Glad to hear you're having fun. I was afraid transoceanic flight would give you a migraine, but didn't want to jinx you by saying something. Van Gough was troubled (cut off his ear, made no money from painting while alive) and over-reproduced to the point of cliche, but seeing the originals is wonderful. You really get a feel for the texture and color statement he made. That was his deal, color; he actually ate oil paint to try and experience color, odd fellow. Especially in Africa, pharmacy laws are different, so if you get a bad headache, ask the guide about where to 'shop'; you probably don't need a prescription. Have too much fun....craig