Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Brave like an Ostrich

See these ostriches? Their heads are up! There was nothing for them to fear or avoid. Or if there is they're facing it.

I'm tempted to bury my own head in the sand, so I can forget a little that I'm subbing all day tomorrow and Friday. With my head in the sand I could pretend I had the whole day ahead to record the next episode of Dreaming of Deliverance. But since the Ostriches heads are up facing reality, I guess I'd better face the situation too. I'm not going to be wimpier than an ostrich!

So I'll get up early (4:30 am) and record ep.31, before joining my lively, energetic 5th graders. Then I'll get up early (yes, 4:30 the next day) and start editing ep31 before joining my lively, energetic High School students.

Head out of sand, doing what I can to get this done!

More soon!

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