Friday, May 07, 2010


Too tired even to make a "clever" simile about how I'm like a mama elephant (and I sure feel like one sometimes!). But I wanted to post this picture, because I love it! Taking pictures of the elephant babies was tough, because the rest of the elephant family was so protective of them. They'd usually stand between us and them. But we were patient, and eventually got this photo!

But as I said in the title of this entry--I'm tired! So even though the picture could probably tie in to the rest of what I wanted to tell you, I'm not going to try to make that connection.

I've been subbing away! But I did record episode 31 of Dreaming of Deliverance early yesterday morning, and I will have it edited and up before the weekend is out.

Only one more episode after this. I still can't believe it!

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craig said...

Very nice photo, and do get some rest. Happy Mother's Day! You better slow down and get pampered tomorrow, it's the law. So, when you're done with DoD, and start marketing DoD memorabilia, can I get an "I'm with the Losh next to me" tee shirts, with an arrow pointing to one side?