Friday, October 29, 2010

The Farrago Anthology: See me on video; read "The Reprieve"

I had the honor of contributing to the soon-to-be-released Farrago Anthology, which contains 17 pieces from different writers, all together in one ebook. Farrago will be available starting October 31 and all proceeds will to help raise money for filmmaker Michael Bekemeyer's latest project.

Michael put together the above promo describing the origins of the Farrago Anthology as well as some short videos of different writers explaining who they are and a little about the stories they contributed. Wouldn't you know it, mine is first. So now you can see me as well as hear me, and learn about my Farrago story, "The Reprieve".


craigr1971 said...

First novelist, then voice actress/podcaster, now movie star! What is next, political office? Space flight? To think, I knew you when. Seriously, it is wonderful to see how much you give back and how much you care, strong work!

R.E. (Renée) Chambliss said...

Space flight, possibly. Political office, no way!

Thanks, Craig!