Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Listen to my latest short story: It's sinful!

Hi everyone!

This year, I had the honor of participating in the Wicked Women Writer's Challenge. Each writer received one of the Seven Deadly Sins to write a story about and then record for the Horror Addicts Podcast. My sin was "Pride", and I had a lot of fun with it.

Those expecting something like Dreaming of Deliverance, might be surprised. This is short fiction so it's not as in-depth with characters and themes as Dreaming of Deliverance was. But I do have a vivid, some would say twisted, imagination, so I think you'll find the story to be different from the norm. There's also some humor and...well...since it's horror, there are some dark moments too.

To listen to "Pretty Proud" by R.E. Chambliss go to HorrorAddicts.net. There you'll find Episode 49 of the podcast as well as all of the stories as bonus episodes. You can also find them by searching for Horror Addicts on itunes.

If after listening to the stories, you find that one struck you as particularly well done, you can vote for it to win the challenge by emailing your choice to emzbox at sbcglobal dot net. If you vote, you'll be eligible to win a super-cool prize package, so why wouldn't you vote?

A big thanks to Emerian Rich the fabulous hostess and force behind Horror Addicts, and to the awesome H.E. Roulo, another terrific author/podcaster and last year's Wicked Women Writers Challenge winner, for all that they've done to make this year's Wicked Women Writers Challenge possible!

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