Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Festivus!

I'm having trouble finding my Christmas spirit, which I think is related to being the mom and the one who makes Christmas happen in our house, for the most part.

But I'm trying to let go of my "bah humbug", Grinch-like mood and celebrate the positive of the season, which today is Festivus!

Enjoy the beauty inherent in this time of year, my friends!


Curiously Joyful said...

Happy Festivus. :) (--MaWhit)

R.E. (Renée) Chambliss said...

Thanks! Another year, another Festivus is behind us. I'll have to start stockpiling all of my grievances again for next year! ;o)

JP said...

OK you! You've definitely contributed to 2010 being a wonderful year for me. I loved DoD, enjoyed the other stories you contributed voice work to, and thoroughly enjoyed our banter back and forth via e-mail about stories and RUNNING. Thank you!!! I hope the spirit returned a little (you deserve it), Christmas was nice and you're set for a Happy New Year, my virtual running buddy!

R.E. (Renée) Chambliss said...

Thank you, JP! I loved hearing your thoughts on running and DoD and seeing those gorgeous pictures from your runs, which I'll be blogging about soon!

Happy New Year!