Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Balticon Schedule

I'm going to my first Balticon this weekend! I plan to attend lots of sessions, but here are the ones I'm officially involved with:

5 PM: Helping Authors Find and Work Effectively with Narrators
6 PM: Using Comedy to Humanize Characters and Hook Listeners in Audio Fiction

1 PM: Live Reading!
I'm going to read excerpts from the in-progress sequel to Dreaming of Deliverance, as well as from my almost finished kids' novel: Rachel Richards Hates Rats. Alex White, author/producer of The Gearheart will be reading as well!

11 AM: Narrating Podcast Fiction:
This will be an expansion of the panel I coordinated for the New Media Expo last January, but this time, I'll be doing it solo! Using clips from your favorite fiction podcasts, I'll share what I've learned about how to be an excellent audio fiction narrator.

5 PM Metamor City Live Show! I get to participate in a live reading with other voice actors. Can't wait!
7 PM Fullcast vs. Straight Read

10 AM: The Introvert's Guide to Social Media
Noon: Multi-Creatives

Here's a link to the whole Balticon Schedule if you'd like to read more about the sessions listed above, as well as all that'll be offered this weekend. I'm looking forward to so much!

Now to get back to packing...


Princess Maunapua said...

Hi Renee!! this is Jane Kathleen Alvarez, one of your Dreaming of Deliverance fans! Hope you're having fun @ Balticon! i'm so excited about the sequel, that I actually re-read / listened to your book. Now that i've had a chance to reabsorb it, i hope that the following mysteries will be answered in the next books to follow ...

1. How did the people of Trae arrive there? Were they transported by the Loche?

2. Why is the language of the people of Trae so similar to American modern english? were their predecessors - earlier Americans who were kidnapped by the Loche and brought to Trae as slaves? How is it that they have books and know how to write in modern english as well?

3. Who was the nomad who gave Lindsay's father the necklace?

4. Who was Juan (the earlier traveler?) will we know more of his story? Will Linday encounter him?

5. the tapestry in the main hall of Parl, that contains a very detailed "aerial" view of the land - how did that come into being?

6. When Ann revealed that as a girl she was told a prophecy that she would lead the people to freedom, how did she come to know this information? Did Lindsay or another traveler, go back in time to inform her of this?

I look forward to your feedback and most especially to see how the above 'mysteries' will eventually be revealed in the story arc.

Take care Renee and thanks for your amazing literary contribution!

Best Regards,
Your Fan from San Antonio, Texas

Renée (R.E.) Chambliss said...

Wow, Jane! Thank you so much for you comment and all of your questions! I can't really answer them now, though. But they are all things that are swirling around in my head/in the story and they will be addressed. Some of them I know the answer to already, but I think you'd rather hear/read them in the story to come.

I read two excerpts of Book 2 at Balticon and I plan to put them up on Youtube soon! And there are also the short stories. Forbidden Fruit, especially, provides more background, about Trae and it introduces a new character who will show up in the sequel. :)

Anyway, I'm glad you are so engaged in the story. It helps motivate me, that's for sure!

Take care!