Saturday, June 01, 2013

Back from Balticon and APAC!

I'm home from an incredible 10-day-trip back east, first to Balticon and then to APAC. I've returned feeling focused and inspired by all of the talented, creative people I came across. And I traveled with my mom, which was so cool. And I got to meet up with my awesome friends Aileen and Carol, which was so, so great!

But right now while I'm exhausted and ready to collapse, I thought I could quickly blog about the high points and low points of the trip. Here goes!

High point: Balticon People!

  • I got to hang out with awesome, creative people like Abbie Hilton, Bryan Lincoln, Lauren Harris, Hugh O'Donnell, Tim Dodge, and Veronica Giguerre.
  • I was part of the Metamor City Live cast. So much fun! And I got to meet Chris Lester!
  • I also got to meet P.C. Haring, Alex White, Doc Coleman, Rosemary Tizeldon, Starla Huchton, Katie Bryski, and Christiana Ellis!
  • My favorite part of the weekend was tossing around ideas with other writer/podcaster/voice actor people. We are a unique breed and it was terrific to all be in one place collaborating in person!

High point: APAC People!

The sessions at APAC this year were incredibly helpful and worthwhile. I reconnected with some audiobook folks I already knew and met many new extraordinarily talented people.

  • Hillary Huber was the director I was matched up with for my "Director Diagnostic. She was awesome! I was pretty nervous and she put me right at ease and had some fantastic suggestions for things I can do to bring my narration skills up to the next level.
  • I had an audition at Audible that was so much fun and allowed me to show my stuff! Audible also hosted a group of us narrators for a day of training where we were treated so well and were able to learn so much about how Audible works.
  • I socialized at the APA mixer and the Tantor party and what could be more fun than to be in New York attending parties with other narrators and audiobook people!!!
  • The talent on the panels I attended at APAC was unbelievable. How lucky was I too get to learn tips of the trade from Katherine Kellgren, Tavia Gilbert, Barbara Rosenblat, Dion Graham, Scott Brick, and Jeffery Kafer!

I feel so energized and focused about the audiobook work and privileged to be part of such a fantastic industry and community.

Low point: Ouchy toes.

But everything can't be 100% positive, right? There was something sucky that happened. I decided to treat myself to a pedicure on my birthday, which was the Saturday I was at Balticon. The pedicurist must not have realized what a princess I am (ha!) and what delicate feet I have (ha, ha!) because she dug into my big toes like she was cutting eyes out of a potato and ouch it hurt! And ouch, 7 days later it still hurts and my big toes are red and inflamed and the opposite of attractive. Yes, I have a pedicure injury. How embarrassing. And ouch. Mostly ouch!

But it doesn't matter because the rest of the time was so much fun and so worthwhile. So I'm soaking my feet and reconnecting with my family and reminiscing about all the amazing experiences I had on this trip. Yay! (And ouch!)

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